Over Ring Accelerator

The new innovative FR33 Over Ring Accelerator has been designed to provide comfortable, safe and precise acceleration.

The design reflects the new philosophy of driving aids, returning both hands to the steering wheel. Acceleration is achieved by lightly pushing the ring towards the steering wheel. Indestructible, reliable, manageable, and super lightweight best describes the design. The lightweight ring eliminates vibration against the potentiometer. The 8 pivot points guarantee smooth ring operation regardless where pressure is applied. The release button enables the ring to be removed quickly. Others try to copy but cannot replicate.

The system functions using a potentiometer and dedicated ECU that interfaces with the vehicle’s original electronic system, commonly known as ‘fly-by-wire’. The dedicated software enables individual programming to suit both driver and vehicle characteristics. This translates to a smooth progressive acceleration curve.

While accelerating/driving with the Over Ring Accelerator, both hands remain on the steering wheel, however remaining in easy reach of the brake lever, gear lever, auxiliary commands on the dashboard and steering wheel, and flaps for sequential gearshift.

The safety cut out mechanism eliminates acceleration on vehicle start up and when braking is applied. In the event both accelerator and brake are applied simultaneously, the accelerator is cancelled.

The system does not interfere with the vehicle’s original electronics and the quick release function allows removal of the accelerator ring, enabling others to use the original vehicle controls.

Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the build quality and design of the Over Ring Accelerator is unsurpassed. Suitable for fitment in any vehicle type and compatible with airbags.

Key Features :

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