Driving : Brake

Braking can be performed mechanically or with hydraulic assistance for those seeking greater power assistance. We offer several braking options to meet the needs of all users ensuring maximum comfort and safety.


Brake Lever

The new FS2001 Brake Lever is characterised by an aesthetically pleasing design that is functional and user friendly. The injection moulded cover is available in an array of colours to suite any vehicle interior and the mechanical action guarantees a precise brake application.

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Long Arm Brake Lever

The Long Arm Brake Lever is based on the design of theĀ FS2001 Brake Lever, with an additional extension to provide greater leverage. Approximately one third less effort is required compared to a standard brake lever. Braking is achieved by pushing the lever away from the body in the direction of the pedal. Available in two options, the two point handle and the CL002/A handle.

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