Driving : Combined Accelerator & Brake

The accelerator and brake combination is offered in several variances to meet the needs of all users. The standard Brake and Accelerator offers an alternative to the push/pull controls, and the Long Arm Brake and Accelerator provides a solution to those requiring greater leverage.


Combined Brake & Accelerator

The new FS2005 Combined Brake and Accelerator is built around an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing design that is functional and user friendly. It is operated by pushing the lever for brake, and turning the trigger for acceleration. The light action of the trigger eliminates fatigue and provides the option of holding the steering wheel with two hands while controlling the accelerator trigger with the little finger.

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Push-Pull Brake & Accelerator

The FS2008 Push-Pull Brake and Accelerator is based on the traditional function of the push-pull hand control operated by pushing for brake and pulling for acceleration. The brake function is operated by mechanical linkage, however the accelerator can be actuated by mechanical or electronic means.  The Fadiel Italiana design is aesthetically pleasing and is available in a range of colours, including for example, black satin, carbon fibre, brushed steel, pink, fuchsia, violet.

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Long Arm Brake & Accelerator Push-Radial

The Long Arm Brake and Accelerator combines the two functions in one device.  Based on the aesthetically pleasing Brake Lever, with the addition of the CL002/B handle featuring built-in accelerator.

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Long Arm Brake & Accelerator Push-Pull

The Long Arm Brake & Accelerator (Push/Pull) was designed around the needs of the quadriplegic driver. Available in several variants, two fork handle or CL002A handle with integrated bump switches for activation of auxiliary controls.

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