Driving : Spinner Knobs & Handles

Spinner knobs and handles provide a safe and ergonomic means of controlling the steering wheel, brake and accelerator.


Spinner Knobs

We provide a range of spinner knobs and handles to suit the needs of all users. All knobs and handles are manufactured to exceptionally high standards and designed to be functional and easy to use. All spinner knobs feature quick release coupling for quick removal and unobtrusive clamping brackets.

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Remote Transmitter

The Fadiel Remote Transmitter provides wireless control to 11 auxiliary functions of the vehicle and can be mounted in any location to ensure an ergonomic fit between driver and vehicle. Simplicity in the design ensures maximum functionality and minimum confusion.

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The Keypads manufactured by Fadiel Italiana are suitable for automotive and domestic use. Available in 4 or 8 button configuration and optional wireless connectivity.

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