Remote Transmitter

The Fadiel Remote Transmitter provides wireless control to 11 auxiliary functions of the vehicle and can be mounted in any location to ensure an ergonomic fit between driver and vehicle. Simplicity in the design ensures maximum functionality and minimum confusion.

Functions include: horn, indicators, lights, high beam, hazard lights, and multiple wiper commands. The buttons are clearly labelled and feature back lighting to ensure visibility in all conditions. Colour options include for example, black satin, carbon fibre and brushed steel.

The Transmitter can be mounted directly to a spinner knob, to the steering wheel, or any other chosen location in the vehicle. Brackets are provided to ensure correct fitment.

Fitted with long life lithium cadmium rechargeable battery to ensure problematic free use.

Radio frequencies provide the means of wireless operation and do not interfere with the original electronics. Integration with Can-Bus and non Can-Bus vehicles is assured with the sophisticated software updates provided by Fadiel Italiana.

For those requiring more functions Fadiel Italiana manufacture other more customised solutions.