Driving Instructors

Driving Instructors


Driving instructors specialising in disability are available throughout the country (Australia and New Zealand) and have sedan type vehicles fitted with a range of driving modifications and hand controls, from standard spinner knobs to the Satellite Accelerator and Combined Brake & Accelerator. Instructors are trained to work with drivers that have ranging disabilities that may or may not require vehicle modification. We encourage trialling systems to ensure the correct equipment is fitted to your vehicle and the driving instructor forms an integral part to this assessment process in conjunction with a driving occupational therapist.


Always consult a driving occupational therapist when driving modifications are required or when considering alternate systems.


What do driving instructors have to say?


I have found all equipment readily accepted by clients as aesthetically pleasing in appearance and ease of operation. This added to product reliability that I can contest too, I have no hesitation in recommending Fadiel disabled driver aids and Total Ability – Michael Maynard – Driving Instructor.


Since using the Fadiel combined accelerator and brake, together with the Satellite accelerator in our training vehicle, we have had a significant increase of clients who otherwise would have been unable to drive using the conventional equipment. Driving with the new Fadiel hand controls makes these clients feel confident knowing they can manage this equipment easily and drive the vehicle safely. The quality and service provided by your installers is also very professional and the support from your organisation is excellent – Gabriel Lagos – Driving Instructor.


Contact us for a list of driving instructors in your area.


For higher level assessments refer to our high-level assessment vehicle.