More Kick Than a Mule? Introducing The Pony Power Drive

Total Ability stocks just one product that isn’t related to cars and given the company’s commitment to quality and usability, you’d expect that it would have to be something special.

But, we know, anything we say is bound to be deemed a little biased, so we thought you’d prefer to hear from someone who is an expert in the field.

The product is the Pony Power Drive, an attachment that powers manual wheelchairs, and the expert is Peter Kerkhof, owner of Perth’s Wild West Wheelchairs.

“I’ve done a lot of research into the different options available, and I concluded that the Pony Power Drive is the best in class, not just in Australia, but globally”, Peter told us.

Whilst we were pleased to hear his verdict, that really is a big call. So we asked Peter the relatively simple question, why, and the slightly harder question, how are you qualified to judge?

“Firstly, you should know that I am someone who is very dedicated to my customers and I’ve been making it my business to familiarise myself with all the products on the market. I’ve personally trialled hundreds of wheelchairs and wheelchair-related products.”

“My judgement is based on the fact that I am an Engineer in Industrial Product Design, and have a Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetic Technology. I’ve been working with disability equipment for over 15 years and I’ve sold on average one wheelchair a day for the past 13 years, that’s thousands of wheelchairs and customers.”

“I go the extra mile for them, travel to see my customers, return calls all times of day – I think you could safely say I’m dedicated to this field!”

“In terms of the Power Drive, there were several factors I took into consideration. How powerful is the unit? How versatile is it? How easy is it to attach? How easy is it to use? How safe is it?”

“The Power Drive scores well in all these categories, exceptionally in some.”

“The unit has more than enough power to handle inclines and in terms of versatility, the turning circle is excellent, plus you have a reverse gear. Combined, this means you can go virtually anywhere and manoeuvre into or out of almost any situation.”

“Ease of use is also important. You can attach and detach the drive quickly and simply, and it can be used with both folding and rigid frame wheelchairs. It has straight bar or foldable bar options, which is especially helpful for under table access.”

“Despite the power, the unit has some important features to ensure safety, chiefly the ‘soft start’ motor means you accelerate progressively. It also features excellent disc brakes.”

“Another noteworthy feature is regenerative braking system that recharges the battery. That’s similar to the technology used by advanced electric cars like Tesla and it consequently gives you greater range between recharges – somewhere between 30 and 50 kms depending on terrain and type of use.”

“Lastly, portability is also very important. Being powerful is one thing, but that’s no good if it means the unit weighs a ton and you can’t lift it up easily. Thankfully the Power Drive is lightweight, under 12 kg, and compact, therefore easy to pick up and stow”.

It therefore won’t surprise you that Peter has decided to include the Power Drive as one of the select products offered by Wild West Wheelchairs.

And equally Total Ability’s Paul Crake is delighted to have Peter as a partner for the Power Drive:

“It’s not every day that you meet someone with Peter’s combination of dedication and expertise, so we really were delighted to hear how highly he rated the Power Drive and that he would agree to stock it. His judgement reinforced our decision to branch away from vehicle modification and access equipment in this instance.”

The Pony Power Drive is now available from Wild West Wheelchairs and other stockists in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information contact:
Wild West Wheelchairs
Phone: 0412 456 882

Total Ability
Phone: 1300 858 410

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