Hand Accelerator Controls

Hand acceleration can now be performed electronically and provides safe and responsive acceleration. Greater driver competency is demonstrated, particularly with the satellite accelerator offering the ultimate driving experience.


Total Ability has a range of other high quality driving controls as well as access and stowage solutions including wheelchair lifts for vans, wheelchair hoists, wheelchair ramps and devices for transferring drivers or passengers to and from a vehicle.

The AC2002 Satellite Accelerator has been designed to be used in any driving situation, giving maximum freedom of movement and precise acceleration.

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over shoulder view of lady driving with wireless satellite accelerator hand control

The innovative AC2002 Wireless Satellite Accelerator takes driving to another level with its cordless design. Suitable for any driving situation with maximum freedom.

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man driving with Fadiel Italiana overing accelerator hand control

The Over Ring Accelerator from Fadiel offers a two handed driving option and thanks to the innovative design and high build quality offers smooth progressive acceleration.

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