High Level Modifications

High Level Modifications

The advanced range of products are suitable for those with very limited limb function. Braking can be provided with as little as 100grams of pressure and steering can be controlled with the new generation steering system from Fadiel that offers activation by a mini wheel, joystick or foot steer unit.


These systems can also be incorporated with the voice command system for activating secondary controls of the vehicle.


Total Ability has a range of other high quality driving controls as well as access and stowage solutions including wheelchair lifts for vans, wheelchair hoists, wheelchair ramps and devices for transferring drivers or passengers to and from a vehicle.

The Freedom Brake & Accelerator provides full driving autonomy to those with significantly reduced arm function and strength. Combining power assisted braking and accelerating  in one unit.

The Mini Wheel Steering brings to the market the most technically advanced piece of driving equipment. Designed by Fadiel Italiana, the Mini Wheel Steering enables drivers with significantly restricted arm function to operate the steering wheel with minimal hand/arm movement.

a close up of a person using their foot to steer and control the car with a foot steering mechanism from Fadiel Italiana

The Foot Steering from Fadiel Italiana works with the same technology as Fadiel’s Mini Wheel Steering operating with speed sensor technology. Designed to work in a forward and backward pedal motion to turn the steering wheel from left to right.

Joystick Control

The Joystick Control is the most technically advanced piece of assistive driving equipment available for people with minimal physical function. The Joystick Control enables drivers with significantly restricted arm function to operate the steering wheel, brake and acceleration with the turn of a wrist. The one control activates all functions.