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Trained OT

Who is the Driver Trained Occupational Therapist?

The Driver Trained Occupational Therapist (DTOT) is an Occupational Therapist with the added qualification that allows them to assess your driving ability and prescribe driving equipment to suit your capabilities.

They will guide the process to get you driving, starting with getting your licence and applying for any funding that you may be eligible for. 

We work closely with a network of DTOTs to navigate the process from assessment to passing the driving test (if applicable) and getting the modifications endorsed on your licence.

Please contact us for a list of DTOTs in your local area.


High Level Assessment Process

When we are working with clients who need high level modifications to drive (such as the Joystick Control, Mini Wheel Steering, Foot Steering or Freedom Bake and Accelerator), we work closely with the DTOTs and Specialist Driving Instructors.

Using our Wheelchair Accessible Vans (WAV) to assess your capabilities, we work with the DTOT so that no aspect of driving modifications and accessories required are missed or overlooked.

Our Wheelchair Accessible Vans (WAVs) also enable you to be assessed while driving from wheelchair.

Things to consider...

Top 10 questions from DTOT Alanna Finnan

1. Why can’t you use the existing vehicle as is?
2. Which vehicle modification / product is required for your function?
3. Is the product adaptable for your future needs/changes?
4. How does one product compare to another? Is one more suitable for your needs than another?
5. Is the vehicle suitable for the products considered?
6. Is the product able to be transferred to a new vehicle in the future?
7. Is the preferred product cost effective?
8. How will you stow the wheelchair in the vehicle? Will it be appropriately secured?
9. Will you need driving lessons to learn how to use the modification? If so, how many?
10. Will you need to be tested again by Transport for NSW (or relevant state transport authority) with the new product?

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