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Left Foot


The Left Foot Accelerator is great when you need to accelerate with your left foot. The floor mounted design allows easy fitment for the user with the quick release function. 


Simply lifting the quick release latch and sliding back the detachable component releases the unit and returns the vehicle to the traditional right foot accelerator pedal. 


The easy, reliable, and quality solution when it comes to left foot accelerators.


Suitable for:

Right Lower Limb Amputee
Incomplete Paralysis &
Other disability limiting the function of your right leg

In Action

Satellite Accelerator Models

Wired Satellite

The wired model enables the driver to have the unit constantly attached with a spiral cord.

The cord is mounted at elbow distance back to avoid interference with the steering wheel.

The unit is smaller and lighter than the wireless model.

Wireless Satellite

The wireless model eliminates any interference when holding or turning the steering wheel.

The unit’s operating time is 35 hours between charges and can easily be recharged in the vehicle or ‘on-the-run’.

A red light and ‘beep’ sound alert the user that the battery is low. There is also an emergency back-up function.

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Christina Vithoulkas driving her Drift Car

A Drifter Driven to Inspire

With more than 7 million video views and counting, Christina Vithoulkas is telling the world on her social media channels everything about her life with disability, and her passion for Drift Cars using Total Ability’s Fadiel Satellite Accelerator.

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