4-Way &

6-Way Hoists

The ultimate solution for transporting wheelchairs and scooters. It ensures the bumper of the vehicle can be cleared when lifting or lowering.

In Action

4-Way & 6–Way Hoists Models

SG120 Scooter Hoist side view


The SG120 has a slanted head design making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles where head space is limited. Simple electronic control function makes it easy to use.

Designed to lift powerchairs and scooters up to 120kg.


The SG180 provides 6-way operation and can function the electronic telescopic arm under full load.

Designed with the option of straight arm or left/right orientation. Features self-adjusting strap height when operating telescopic boom.

Designed to lift powerchairs and scooters up to 180kg.



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