The Brake Lever can be used on its own or in combination with various accelerator models such as the Satellite or Over Ring. The Trigger, Ergonomic Radial and T-Radial models incorporate the Brake Lever in their combined function. 


High quality design provides firm and progressive brake feel and with the customisable covers it matches any car’s interior.

In Action

Brake Lever Models

brake level arm view with brake lock and horn button


The lever is fitted standard with a button for the horn and brake lock feature

Brake Lever arm view with integrated keypad

Incorporated Keypad

The lever is also available with incorporated keypad with buttons for lights, indicators, and horn.


Brake Lock

A great feature is the brake locking mechanism, for example when used sitting at traffic lights, the brake lever can be locked on, allowing the driver to rest their hand and reduce fatigue.

Combine with:

Satellite Accelerator
Over Ring Accelerator

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