Ergonomic Radial Accelerator

and Brake Lever

The Ergonomic Radial Accelerator and Brake Lever is a quality hand control designed for operation with limited dexterity.


The choice of ergonomic palm or lever grip handle coupled with the ability to customise the handle weight and rotation totally personalises the product to the user’s individual strengths, preferences, and capabilities.

In Action


Palm Grip handle for Ergonomic Radial showing movement

Palm Grip

The palm grip has a V-shape handle to rest your palm whilst driving. The rotation is smooth and perfectly balanced to your hand.

Rotation Lever Grip with Arrow

Lever Grip

The lever grip handle has a curved finish that allows your hand to rest on the handle as you turn your wrist to accelerate.


Suitable for:

Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebral Palsy
& other disability limiting dexterity

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