The Movia Access Ramps are easy to use, reliable, functional, and super strong with the option for automated function. These ramps are the perfect solution for a cost-effective way to enter and exit your minivan or minibus.


The innovative ramp design combining sturdy structure with light weight usability makes this ramp easy for any person to use with minimal effort. The ramps have several design features focusing on simplicity and lightness. 

In Action

Ramp Models


The Manual model has gas struts, side handles and wheels that make it effortless to open/close.

total ability ramp


The Electric model can be operated by a wired or wireless keypad option.



Ramp Segments Lengths Widths
Manual 2 or 3 parts 1.4m to 3.9m 58cm to 120cm
Electric 2 parts 1.8m to 2.6m 76cm to 102.5cm

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