ATSA Awards 2024
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Seat Base

The Swivel Seat Base is great for accessing a car when your mobility is restricted. Whether you are using a wheelchair or scooter and find it difficult to get close enough to transfer onto the car seat or you would benefit from accessing the vehicle more safely, the Swivel Seat Base brings the seat out of the car for easy access. 


Mounted under the original seat, the low-profile design and superb construction ensures functionality and reliability. The Swivel Seat is available in Manual version or Electronic or a combination of the two.


In Action

Swivel Seat Base Models

Manual Rotation/Transition

The manual model relies on the person being able to manoeuvre the seat manually backwards and forwards as well as rotating the seat.

Electronic Rotation/Transition

The electronic model comes with wired keypad control unit; upon request it is also available with fully programmable control.


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