ATSA Awards 2024
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Total Ability

Product Range


Satellite Accelerator
& Brake Lever

The Satellite Accelerator is for the driver who wants to maintain both hands on the wheel when driving.

Trigger Accelerator & Brake Lever

The Trigger Accelerator and Brake Lever offers an easy transition to electronic controls for the driver familiar with the traditional mechanical Push-Pull hand control.

Over Ring Accelerator
& Brake Lever

The Over Ring Accelerator provides effortless acceleration for drivers with limited dexterity wanting to keep both hands on the wheel.

Ergonomic Radial & Brake Lever

The Ergonomic Radial Accelerator and Brake Lever is a quality hand control designed for operation with limited dexterity.

The T-Radial Accelerator
& Brake Lever

The T-Radial Accelerator and Brake Lever is designed specifically with the needs of people with quadriplegia in mind.

Freedom Brake & Accelerator

The Freedom Brake and Accelerator is for drivers with very limited limb function and strength.

Joystick Control

The Joystick Control is the most technically advanced piece of assistive driving equipment available for people with reduced physical function.

Push-Pull Accelerator
& Brake Lever

The Push-Pull Brake and Accelerator is based on the traditional function of the push-pull hand control.

Brake Lever

The Brake Lever can be used on its own or in combination with various accelerator models such as the Satellite or Over Ring.

Left Foot Accelerator

The Left Foot Accelerator is great when you need to accelerate with your left foot.

Easy Drive

The Easy Drive is a hand control driving system designed to be fitted on the left-hand side of the driver seat.


Mini Wheel Steering

The Mini Wheel Steering enables drivers with significantly restricted arm function to operate the steering wheel with the turn of a wrist.

Foot steering

Foot Steering is for the driver with limited or no arm function. The steering is controlled by moving the foot in a forward and backward pedal motion.

Joystick Control

The Joystick Control is the most technically advanced piece of assistive driving equipment available for people with reduced physical function.

Transferring In and Out

Swivel Seat Base

The Swivel Seat Base is great for accessing a car when your mobility is restricted whether using a wheelchair or scooter.

Lowering Swivel Seat

The Lowering Swivel Seat Base is for people who have difficulty entering and exiting a vehicle that is higher above the ground.

Transfer Platform

The Transfer Platform is for wheelchair users who need to close the gap when transferring from their wheelchair to the car seat.

2 Way Hoists - SG35/SG50

The 2-Way Hoists are for people who want to stow their wheelchair/scooter behind the driver seat or in the boot of the vehicle.

4 and 6 Way Hoists - SG120/SG180

The ultimate solution for transporting wheelchairs and scooters.

Platform Lift

The Platform Lift has a compact design making it ideal for transporting wheelchair users in all types of minivans or minibuses.


The Movia Access Ramps are easy to use, reliable, functional, and super strong with the option for automated function.

Other Accessories

Voice Command

Voice Command uses voice prompts activate the auxiliary controls of the vehicle.

Postural Harness

Postural Harness provides stability for those who don’t have core stability to hold themselves when cornering or braking.

Electronic Handbrake

The Electronic Handbrake provides an easy means to control the manual handbrake by the push of a button.

Spinner Knobs

We provide a range of steering wheel spinner knobs to suit a range of user’s needs.

Complete Guide to

Driving With Disability

Technology has advanced so much in the last 10 years, possibilities have become endless.