The Platform Lift has a compact design making it ideal for transporting wheelchair users in all types of minivans or minibuses. It closes the gap between the ground and the vehicle entry getting you in safely and quickly.


Special high-grade steel dual arm frame gives you the sturdiness and the aluminium platform keeps the unit lightweight improving fuel efficiency compared to other similar products. 


In Action

Platform Lift Models

Baby Bi-Fold

The Baby Bi-Fold Platform Lift is designed for personal use for wheelchair or scooter users.


The Bi-Fold Platform Lift is designed for both personal use and light commercial use with higher load rating and platform widths.



Platform Lift Unit Weight Load/Unload Time (empty) Descent Height Load Rated
Baby Bi-Fold 85kg 8 seconds 760mm 320kg
Bi-Fold 106kg 10 seconds 1000mm 350kg

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