Platform Lift

“Getting mobile! Lightweight and compact, so easy to use!”


The Platform lift from SMDM offers a level of quality and innovation not seen before. The compact design makes this platform lift ideal for transporting wheelchair users in all types of minivans or minibuses and overcoming any height variances from ground to vehicle entry.


• Easy to use, fast load/unload
• Two models – Bi-fold and single platform
• Light weight design varying between 85kg & 106kg
• Load rated to 320kg and 350kg
• Simple 2 button keypad operation
• Electro-hydraulic operation with emergency backup
• Flat anti-slip platform with automatic handling
• Optional LED side lighting
• Usable platform widths between 650mm and 800mm
• Suitable for side and rear entry applications


The SMDM Platform Lift has a special high-grade steel dual arm frame and aluminium platform which reduces floor fatigue to the vehicle, ensuring the vehicle remains within GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) and improves vehicle fuel efficiency. The platform contact surface is punched making it sturdy and anti-slip. When folded it does not interfere with rear visibility.


The lift has minimum overall dimensions, making it very compact and versatile. The ramp widths range from 650mm to 800mm ensuring all types of wheelchairs can be accommodated. The depth of the platform when closed is only 350mm. The design ensures a tight closure eliminating rattles on bumpy roads and requires a minimal ledge to the outside of the vehicle, allowing close installation to the tailgate without interfering with the bumper during handling.


Operated with only 2 buttons, the lift is easy to use, taking 8 or 10 seconds to lower the platform (empty) to a maximum descent height of 760mm or 1000mm. With a full load the platform takes 10 or 15 seconds to raise and another 8 or 10 seconds to close the platform lift loading floor. Operating times vary slightly between the lift models.


In the event of electrical faults, an emergency pump is available to manually operate the system and guaranteeing basic operation of the lift ensuring it never lets you down.


Manufactured by SMDM, the Platform Lift and Platform Baby Lift demonstrate the pinnacle of innovation and build quality.

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