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Australia & New Zealand

Who is the installer?

Not all car mechanics can install this specialised equipment. The installer is a mechanic/auto electrician who has been trained to fit the specialised driving controls and vehicle access equipment in your car.

They can provide a quote for the supply of product and fitment of the Fadiel Italiana products from Total Ability in your local area. They can also provide ongoing service and support for the products installed.

We have hand-selected installers throughout Australia and New Zealand who have been trained to fit Fadiel Italiana products. You can find a specialist installer for car and van conversions and modifications for drivers with disability here at Total Ability.

Please note if you are at the beginning of your driving journey, the first step is to contact a Driver Trained Occupational Therapist (DTOT) who can assess what your driving equipment needs are with a Specialist Driving Instructor.  

We can provide details for your local Driver Trained OT by filling in the form on the Driver Trained OT page.

Our Ongoing Support

We provide installers with comprehensive support to ensure that your installation is of a high-quality standard. They follow manufacturer instructions for installation of your product and where applicable will have it certified.

We work closely with installers to gain insight into any improvements that can be made to our products, processes, and customer service. Together we aim to bring you, the customer, the best experience possible.

Register Your Product

If you have purchased one of our products, from us directly or from your local equipment installer please register this with us for warranty purposes.  

When you register with us you get 12 months of warranty in addition to the standard 12 months from Fadiel Italiana. A total of 24 months. We  can send you regular service reminders to ensure you keep your equipment functioning smoothly and safely.

You may also want to read The Importance of Servicing Disability Vehicle Mods for more information.