Lowering Swivel

Seat Base

The Lowering Swivel Seat Base is for people who have difficulty entering and exiting a vehicle that is higher above the ground than a standard vehicle. For example, an SUV, a 4WD or a van. 


The lowering function ensures easy access into a range of vehicle types with the ability to lower the seat 400mm or 480mm. The Lowering Swivel Seat is controlled electronically from a keypad. It can be wireless and can also be programmed so the swivelling and lowering are controlled in one smooth motion with the press of just one button.



In Action

Lowering Swivel Seat Base Models


The EC400 model lowers outside the vehicle up to 400mm.


The EC480 model lowers outside the vehicle up to 480mm.


The C400 lowers outside the vehicle up to 400mm and has a reclining backrest up to 35 degrees.


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