Voice Command is for people who have minimal physical function and/or dexterity. Voice prompts activate the auxiliary controls of the vehicle, and the software is programmed to work with various languages including ‘Australian’ English. The intelligent software continues to recognise voice prompts regardless of music or voices coming from the radio.


The high-quality shotgun microphone is designed to be directed to the driver with the gooseneck connection and specifically recognising the voice of the driver. This is advantageous because it can pick up the sound only from the user, directly in front, while disregarding any other unwanted sounds that may be present in the environment.

In Action

Satellite Accelerator Models

Wired Satellite

The wired model enables the driver to have the unit constantly attached with a spiral cord.

The cord is mounted at elbow distance back to avoid interference with the steering wheel.

The unit is smaller and lighter than the wireless model.

Wireless Satellite

The wireless model eliminates any interference when holding or turning the steering wheel.

The unit’s operating time is 35 hours between charges and can easily be recharged in the vehicle or ‘on-the-run’.

A red light and ‘beep’ sound alert the user that the battery is low. There is also an emergency back-up function.


Functions that are typically activated with the voice command are:

Suitable for:

Congenital disability
Upper limb amputee &
Muscular degenerating conditions

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