Over Ring Accelerator

and Brake Lever

The Over Ring Accelerator provides effortless acceleration for drivers with limited dexterity wanting to keep both hands on the wheel. Acceleration is achieved by lightly pushing on the ring. Maintaining constant pressure at any speed, allows natural driving flow and excellent direction control on twisty roads, making precise and delicate driving manoeuvres easy to perform.


The Over Ring Accelerator attaches to the original steering wheel without interfering with the airbag deployment. The Over Ring Accelerator is generally paired with the Brake Lever.

In Action

Over Ring Accelerator and Brake Lever Models


The fixed model is laterally mounted making it a more secure fit. The controls can easily be turned off by the flick of a switch, enabling regular foot operation.


The quick-release model allows removal of the accelerator ring making it easy for others to drive the vehicle.


Suitable for:

Double Lower Limb Amputee &
Other disability reducing leg function and finger dexterity remains good

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