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Driving Instructors

Who is the Specialist Driving Instructor?

The Specialist Driving Instructor (SDI) is a driving instructor with the added experience of working with people with disability.

They have driving modifications fitted to their vehicle and can instruct you on how to use this equipment.

You may need to liaise with more than one instructor to find the one who has the equipment you want to drive with and the personality/ communication style that you feel comfortable with.

Driving instructors specialising in disability are available throughout the country (Australia and New Zealand) and have sedan type vehicles fitted with a range of hand controls, from standard Spinner Knob, Satellite AcceleratorTrigger Accelerator, Ergonomic Radial and some with the latest addition to the range, the Easy Drive.

Instructors are trained to work with drivers that have ranging disabilities that may or may not require vehicle modifications. We encourage trialling systems to ensure the correct equipment is fitted to your vehicle and the driving instructor forms an integral part to this assessment process in conjunction with a Driver Trained Occupational Therapist (DTOT).

Always consult a DTOT first when driving modifications are required or when considering alternate systems.

Contact us for a list of Specialist Driving Instructors in your area and for information on when the High Level Assessment Van is available for you to be able to test equipment and drive from wheelchair. See information below about the wheelchair accessible vans (WAVs).

High Level Assessment Vehicles

Total Ability have introduced 5 high level assessment vehicles in Australia. The VW Transporters fitted with the latest driving controls from Fadiel Italiana can interchange controls as needed for you. The wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) have been developed for use by Specialist Driving Instructors and Driver Trained Occupational Therapists to assess your capabilities and equipment needs.

To accommodate ‘drive from wheelchair’ the driver seat is removable to allow for a power wheelchair to be placed in the driver position. The vehicles provide an example of the various driving solutions available. It also provides a valuable assessment tool for those wanting to know how it feels to drive from a power wheelchair with docking station.

Contact Total Ability for a list of Specialist Driving Instructors working with the vehicles and for demonstrations and schedule of availability in each State.

The range of options fitted in all the vehicles are as follows:

The 5 wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) have the following unique features:

T5 VW Transporter (White)

with Vassili Power Chair, Rear entry ‘Baby’ Platform Lift

T6 VW Transporter (Black)

with Permobil M3 Power Chair, Side entry ‘Baby’ Platform Lift

T6 VW Transporter (Silver)

with Freedom Cassette Lifter and Dahl Docking Station

T6 VW Transporter (White)

with Freedom Cassette Lifter and Dahl Docking Station

T6 VW Transporter (Grey)

with Freedom Cassette Lifter and Dahl Docking Station