Transfer: Swivel Seats and Platforms

Transferring to and from a vehicle can be challenging and confronting without the correct equipment. We have practical and safe solutions for fast and efficient vehicle entry and exit.


Total Ability has a range of other access and stowage solutions including wheelchair lifts for vans, wheelchair hoists, and wheelchair ramps. We also offer a range of high quality driving controls enabling people with disabilities to drive.

Accessing a motor vehicle has never been easier thanks to the Swivel Seat Base from Fadiel Italiana. The low profile design and superb construction ensures functionality and reliability.

The Lowering Swivel Seat Bases from Fadiel provide an easy solution for entry/exit to the motor vehicle. Available with full electronic and programmable function for ease of use.

The Transfer Seat from SMDM provides a functional and effective solution for transferring to and from the seat of the vehicle and suitable for driver and passenger side.