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Total Ability Installation and Service Centre Sydney

Total Ability's Installation Centre in Artarmon

Total Ability Installation and Service Centre Sydney


A ‘one stop shop’ for all your driving with disability needs


Since opening our doors in 2011, Total Ability has steadily grown into one of the most trusted providers of automotive driving aids and hand controls for drivers with disability in Australia and New Zealand.

However, as anyone who’s taken the bold step of learning to drive with disability knows, getting on the road involves a lot more than just finding the right equipment and getting it installed.

To make the process of getting on the road as straightforward as possible, Total Ability has assembled a team of disability driving experts at our Sydney Artarmon Centre.

We Understand Your Love to Drive

At Total Ability, our secret is that we’ve been where you are now.

Our team includes people with lived experience of using disability driving controls and vehicle access equipment every day, so we personally understand the complexities around driving and vehicle access if you are a person with disability.

When you visit our Sydney Artarmon Centre, you get the benefit of our deep knowledge, expert technicians, access to a wealth of resources, and connections to professionals, from Specialist Driving Instructors to Driver Trained OTs.

We are one of only five complex driving control installation centres for Fadiel Italiana in Australia. Put simply, there is no other ‘one stop shop’ quite like us in Sydney.

Five people sitting and standing in front of the Total Ability van smiling

An Overview of the Artarmon Centre (and Showroom)

Located in Sydney, NSW, the Total Ability Artarmon Installation and Service Centre is designed to make it as easy as possible for people with disability to access everything they need to be able to drive.

Not only does the Installation and Service Centre have specialised mechanics to install a wide range of products for driving with disability, it also includes a fully fitted showroom and access to high level assessment vans.

What’s more, Occupational Therapists can bring clients into the Artarmon Centre to view our products on demo and conduct assessments in our private consultation room.

Below, we’ll provide a complete list of the range of services available at both the Artarmon Installation and Service Centre and showroom.

Showroom Items on Display

In July 2023, we launched our much awaited fully fitted Total Ability Showroom in Artarmon.

The showroom is fitted with a variety of products for driving with disability, such as hand controls, transfer aids and hoists, lifts & ramps.

As the exclusive distributor of Fadiel Italiana products in Australia and New Zealand, the Total Ability showroom is primarily stocked with Fadiel items. However, to provide customers with maximum choice and flexibility, we also install other non-Fadiel brands such as Lodgesons keypad spinners, Vehicle Adaptions roof hoist and Autochair electric hoists.

In the showroom, customers can get up close and hands-on experience with the items on display. This can help with checking things like ergonomics, customisation options and deciding which products might be suitable for an on-road trial and driving lessons.

Three yellow demo stands with steering wheel and hadn't driving controls

Private Conference Room

Off-road assessments and advice from a Driver Trained Occupational Therapist (DTOT) are an important part of finding the right products and aids to drive with disability.

We work closely with a network of DTOTs and will gladly put you in touch with someone in your local area.

If you would like to meet with a DTOT at our Installation/Service Centre in Artarmon, you can have assessments and meetings as required in our private conference room. Then, you can browse the range of products in our showroom together with your DTOT.

Having DTOT appointments onsite can speed up the initial assessment process, so you can get to on-road assessments and trials as soon as possible.

OTs outside of our network are also welcome to utilise our conference room. Just contact us by phone or email to make a booking. 

Conference room with white table and 4 black chairs Two hoists on demo stand in front of scene of Stelvio mountain photographic background

High Level Assessment Vans

A challenge often faced when high level modifications are required, is finding a vehicle that provides wheelchair access and is already fitted with a variety of driving products and accessories.

For example, someone might need a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) with a lifter, in addition to advanced controls like voice command, joystick, mini-wheel steering or Freedom Brake/Accelerator.

In this situation, having access to a suitably modified vehicle is required to first trial potentially suitable products. Then, lessons with a Specialised Driving Instructor (SDI) in an appropriately modified vehicle would be required.

To reduce barriers for people with disability when learning to drive, Total Ability has 5 high level assessment vehicles around the country fully fitted with the Fadiel driving controls. We can access the Sydney-based high level assessment vehicle for your visit to the Installation and Service Centre with a Specialist Driving Instructor and Driver Trained OT.

Map of Australia with an image of a Total Ability van in each of the major States

Installation of Driving Aids

Once the required items have been decided on, the last thing anyone wants is a long wait to have them installed.

The skilled mechanics at the Installation and Service Centre in Artarmon can fit hand controls, vehicle access products and driving aids of all types. Our highly accredited and skilled mechanics will install your equipment with precision and quality workmanship, ensuring it looks like it came straight out of the factory.

What’s more, as one of only five complex driving control installation centres for Fadiel Italiana in Australia, when you register your Fadiel products with us, you’ll receive an extended warranty above the standard 12 months provided by the manufacturer (2 years in total).

While Fadiel Italiana products are renowned for their innovation and quality, we understand they’re not always the right choice for your needs. For this reason, we also supply other quality brands such as Lodgesons, Vehicle Adaptions and Autochair.

Vehicle Certification

Getting vehicle modifications certified as safe and roadworthy is an essential part of the licensing process for driving with disability in many States and Territories of Australia.

In NSW, once a vehicle has been modified, a certifier who is accredited through the Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) is required to assess the vehicle and deem it compliant. Once approved by the engineer, their report will need to be filed with Service NSW and it will be endorsed on the vehicle registration.

The Total Ability Installation and Service Centre in Artarmon works with an independent certifier to ensure vehicles are safe and compliant before leaving the centre.

Vehicle Certifier inspecting a modified vehicle

Additional Services

In addition to all the above, some of the other services available at the Total Ability Installation and Service Centre in Artarmon include:

  • Ongoing Support: After our expert mechanics have completed your vehicle modification installation, we will keep in touch on a yearly basis to help you keep your mods serviced and maintained to stay safe on the road. You can also access tech support by phone any time you need.
  • Avis Car Rental Partnership: We supply and install Avis Car Rental cars with Fadiel hand controls for your convenience on your next work trip or holiday in Australia.
  • Floor Cuts: We don’t do floor cuts at our Artarmon Centre. However, we work with highly recommended specialists who can quote and supply this service.
  • Funding and Other Advice: We help you navigate the process of getting on the road, supporting you to navigate the process of getting assessed, finding the right equipment, getting funding, passing your driving test, and more. We’re so passionate about this subject we even wrote a whole book on the topic. Just follow the link to download your free copy of our Complete Guide to Driving with Disability.

Breaking Down Barriers to Driving with Disability

At Total Ability, our mission is to make it as simple and easy as possible for people with disability to get the support and equipment they need to get on the road.

We know the process for obtaining and learning to use driving aids and vehicle modifications can be long and complicated. That’s why we designed our Artarmon Installation and Service Centre to include as many of the products and services related to driving with disability as possible – all in the one place.

The result is a ‘one-stop-shop,’ where people with disability can seamlessly access everything from on and off-road assessments to driving lessons, equipment trials, installation of driving aids including complex high level vehicle modifications.

To find out more, go to the Total Ability Installation and Service Centre page or contact us on 1300 858 410.

Also, don’t forget that you can view the entire range of our products and services on the Total Ability website.

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