Total Ability Showroom and High-Level Assessment Vans

Total Ability showroom with Stelvio mountain scene burial on background wall

At Total Ability, July was huge! We launched our much awaited fully fitted showroom in Artarmon over two consecutive days at the end of the month. The pressure was on to deliver our dream of the new showroom and demonstrating our 3 high-level assessment vans. Creating driving possibilities for people with disability. 

Select driver trained OTs and specialised driving instructors were invited and given the opportunity to have a hands-on experience. They were able to see the Total Ability showroom and inspect our 3 high-level assessment vans. 

Four people in the Total Ability van looking out the left side with the door van open and smiling

Possibilities are endless!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 our valued high-level specialised driving instructors from interstate were not able to attend as originally planned. We hope we can get them down again in the near future. 

We had a very structured time schedule and attention to hygiene procedures ensuring we all stayed safe. With limited people during each time slot it was a huge success in delivering very personalised information sessions.

Each participant had the ability to try the products, have a go assisting the driver around the car park from the passenger seat and get amazing insight on what it feels like to actually drive with our specialised high-level mods. 

Driver trained OT in passenger seat trying out mini wheel steering in Total Ability van with driver

High-Level Assessment Vans

Dean McMillan was an integral part of the first day. Sharing valuable insight and information from his experience as a specialised driving instructor taking clients out in our vans. His input was much appreciated and highly valued. To book Dean for driving lessons just call him on 0423 007 550.

With Paul Crake, the owner, commandeering one of the vans and Dean the other, small groups of 2 or 3 people at a time had an extremely fun time testing out the mini wheel steering and the freedom brake/accelerator in our white van and the 4-way joystick in our black van. 

“Thank you for a professional and friendly workshop, all information greatly received, and the enthusiasm of the team was surely felt.” – David, Driving Instructor

One of the highlights was the ability to network within each group, a mix of OTs and driving instructors. Anecdotes, experiences and information were shared, and knowledge and skills were acquired. The feedback was super positive: 

Three demonstration stands with hand controls

Escape to northern Italy!

The showroom upstairs takes you to northern Italy and into the mountains, ready to take on the Stelvio challenge. The possibilities are endless! The showroom is fitted with demo stands showcasing all the various types of Fadiel Italiana hand controls we offer. Vehicle access products are also mounted on displays to give clients, their OTs and family and friends a direct understanding of how these products work, even without the car! 

Demo stand with hand controls on the left and Fadiel Italiana Platform Lift on a demo stand on the right

Two Swivel Seat Bases on demo stands

OTs can take advantage of booking our conference room to do their off-road assessments with clients and then they can go out with the driving instructor to do their on-road assessment. Convenient and time efficient for clients and professionals alike.  

Total Ability Van in front of Total Ability office

We recognise that this opportunity was not practical for all invitees and there are also many more out there that could benefit from this type of experience. Therefore, we have decided to offer one on one sessions with OTs and driving instructors and take them through the Total Ability showroom and high-level assessment vans at their convenience. Just give us a call on 1300 858 410 or email us at and we can book you in! 

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