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Total Ability Partner with Avis 

Total Ability's Paul Crake at the Avis Car Rental Counter

If you are travelling within Australia and drive with hand controls, we have some great news.

You now have a much greater chance of being able to fly to your destination and hire a modified car, thanks to our new partnership with Avis.

People with disability using hand controls to drive at home have often been forced to drive to their destination if they want to use a car when holidaying or visiting other parts of Australia.

Given the size of our country, that often meant a long drive, or a limit to where you could visit.

Whilst Avis has offered hand control cars in Australia for several years, the new partnership with Total Ability is expanding their fleet and using our latest technology.

More People, More Options

The new partnership means a wider range of people with disability, including those with limited dexterity, are now able to drive a hire car:

  • The new fleet of Avis Hand Control Cars are available widely – in 37 locations across Australia.
  • These cars – Kia Stonic and Renault Koleos – can be driven with hand controls or the regular foot controls, so it’s easy to share the drive between passengers.
  • Avis has made sure the cost of rental for these new modified vehicles is the same as the equivalent standard car group.
View of Ergonomic Radial Accelerator in a car

The Hand Controls

These hire cars are fitted with the Fadiel Italiana Ergonomic Radial Accelerator and Brake Lever as well as a quick-release Spinner Knob on the steering wheel.

A recent introduction to the suite of advanced Fadiel Hand Controls made available in Australia by Total Ability, the Ergonomic Radial Accelerator and Brake Lever has quickly become a popular option.

That’s primarily because of its adaptability, safety features, ease of use, and suitability for people with limited dexterity.

Some of the key features include:

  • The ability to smoothly accelerate;
  • Minimal fatigue;
  • An acceleration safety cut-out mechanism;
  • The brake lock feature, allowing you to rest at red lights;
  • It can be turned off with the flick of a switch, enabling regular foot operation.

Avis and Total Ability have developed all the supporting information you need to drive these cars with confidence, including videos and other instructions.

Who Can or Can’t Use These Vehicles?

Your qualification to drive one of these modified vehicles does depend on the conditions specified on your Driving Licence, and it is your responsibility to check this.

Whilst many people with disability have driving licence conditions that allow for a broad range of hand controls, there are some conditions that are very specific.

So it’s important for you to contact your State’s transport authority to get the exact wording of the conditions on your profile to ensure that you are allowed to legally drive with the type of hand controls in these cars.

State Transport Authorities

NSW – Service NSW – Phone: 13 77 88

NT – Motor Vehicle Registry – Phone: 1300 654 628

QLD – Department of Transport & Main Roads – Phone: 13 74 68

SA – Service SA – Phone: 13 10 84

TAS – Transport Tasmania – Phone: 1300 135 513

VIC – VICRoads – Phone: 13 11 71

WA – Department of Transport – Phone: 13 11 56

Book Ahead

It’s also worth noting that whilst these cars are now located in a wide number of locations, the number of vehicles per location varies.

So we strongly recommend booking as far ahead as possible to avoid disappointment.

Pegs on a string holding Christmas decorations and a heart shaped 'out of office' sign

Happy Holidays 

With Summer not far away, we look forward to hearing about how this new fleet of modified hire cars is making life easier for people with disability.

As a frequent traveller who requires a modified vehicle himself, Total Ability founder Paul Crake is excited about the new partnership.

“I know from experience how frustrating it is not to be able to hire a car with hand controls when I’m away on holiday or on business,” Paul noted.

”At times it’s been hard to work out how to hire something and whether a car, if available, is suitable for me. Avis have listened and acted with this significant commitment: more cars, more advanced equipment and better support. We’re delighted to be their partner for this initiative.”

Further Information & Where to Hire

Avis has created a dedicated section of their website with all the locations, vehicle features, hand control instructions, and their contact details.

It also includes other important information like the Avis Standard Rental Agreement and their specific Modified Vehicles Agreement.

For more information, visit the Avis Hand Control Vehicle Rental section of their website now.

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