Total Ability High Level Assessment Vehicle

Total Ability High Level Assessment Vehicle

Total Ability have introduced a high level assessment vehicle, a VW Transporter fitted with the latest driving controls from Fadiel Italiana that are interchangeable. The vehicle has been developed for use by driving instructors and occupational therapists to assess clients’ capabilities and equipment needs.


To accommodate ‘drive from wheelchair’ the driver seat is removable to allow for a power wheelchair to locate in the driver position. The vehicle provides an example of the various driving solutions. It also provides a valuable assessment tool for those wanting to know how it feels to drive from a power wheelchair with docking station.


Contact Total Ability for a list of driving instructors working with the vehicle and for demonstrations and schedule of availability in each state.


The range of options fitted in the vehicle are as follows:

  • Satellite Accelerator – corded and wireless – left and right.
  • Combined Brake & Accelerator (FSK2005) – left and right.
  • Push-Pull – right.
  • Long Arm Radial Accelerator & Brake – left and right.
  • Over-Ring Accelerator.
  • Freedom power assisted brake & accelerator.
  • Mini-Wheel Steering.
  • Foot Steering.
  • Voice Command.

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