Products : Seating & Transfer

Transferring to and from a vehicle can be challenging and confronting without the correct equipment. We have practical and safe solutions for fast and efficient vehicle entry and exit.


Turning Seat Bases

Accessing a motor vehicle has never been easier thanks to the Turning Seat Base. Mounted under the original seat and manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the low profile design and superb construction ensures functionality and reliability.

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Lowering Turning Seat Bases

The Lowering Turning Seat is the latest addition to the Fadiel range of products, providing the ultimate solution for entry/exit to the motor vehicle. The lowering mechanism is incorporated with the swivel action found in the Turning Seat Base. Additional adjustments include incline/decline and backwards/forwards.

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Transfer Platform

The Transfer Seat is manufactured by SMDM and features a range of adjustments to suit any vehicle and user position.

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Lifting Arm

The Lifting Arm provides assistance for entering and exiting the motor vehicle. The design is simple but extremely effective. Altering the arm position allows the system to be personalised to the needs of the user and vehicle.

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