Satellite Accelerator

“Finally, I can drive safely using both hands thanks to the Satellite Accelerator”


The innovative AC2002 Satellite Accelerator has been designed to be used in any driving situation, giving maximum freedom of movement and precise acceleration.



  • Designed to be worn like a glove, available for left or right hand
  • Changeable brackets and padding to suit all hand sizes
  • Smooth acceleration curve
  • Increased safety and reduced shoulder fatigue
  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism
  • Operated with minimal effort
  • Easily turned off enabling regular foot operation
  • Compatible with original electronics
  • Controls can be re-installed when updating vehicles
  • Suitable for fitment in all types of vehicle
  • Colours: black, carbon, pink, silver, custom


While accelerating/driving with the Satellite Accelerator, both hands remain on the steering wheel, however in easy reach of the brake lever, gear lever, auxiliary commands on the dashboard and steering wheel, and flaps for sequential gearshift. The cord is mounted at elbow distance back to avoid interference with the steering wheel.


Acceleration is achieved by lightly pressing the thumb against a small lever that interfaces with the vehicles original electronic system, commonly known as ‘fly-by-wire’. The dedicated software enables individual programming to suit both driver and vehicle characteristics.


The safety cut out mechanism eliminates acceleration on vehicle start up and when applying the brake. In the event that both accelerator and brake are applied simultaneously, the accelerator is cancelled. This can be eliminated for racing or towing applications. The system does not interfere with the vehicle’s original electronics and can be turned off, enabling others to use the original vehicle controls.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Satellite Accelerator demonstrates the pinnacle of innovation and build quality and can be fitted in any vehicle. Designed to be incorporated with a Fadiel Brake Lever.

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