Freedom – Brake and Accelerator

“Driving is no longer impossible for reduced arm function and strength!”


Freedom provides full driving autonomy to those with reduced arm function and strength. Combining power assisted brake and accelerator functions in one unit, pushing forward for brake and backwards for accelerator. Braking can be applied with as little as 100grams of pressure.



  • Full driving autonomy
  • Combined power assisted brake and accelerator
  • Smooth acceleration with minimal effort
  • Individual programming to suit driver
  • Optional auxiliary control buttons
  • Available with several handle options
  • Fitted at left or right side of console or door
  • Can be fitted with Mini Wheel Steering control
  • Reliable and proven equipment
  • Tested and certified to Australian and NZ standards


Acceleration is achieved by lightly pulling back on the lever with spring load adjustment. This actuates the vehicles original electronic system via an interface system. The dedicated software enables individual programming to suit both driver and vehicle characteristics. This translates to a smooth progressive acceleration curve.


The Freedom can also be fitted with buttons in the handle for auxiliary controls, including for example, lights, indicators and horn. Available with several handle options to ensure a correct and comfortable fit. The device can be fitted to the left or right-side console or door. Can be fitted together with the Mini Wheel when steering control is required.


The system offers full redundancy in the event of any anomaly and will notify the driver with an acoustic and visual alarm.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Freedom – Brake and Accelerator showcases the work of their innovative design team.

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