Freedom – Brake and Accelerator

Freedom – Brake and Accelerator

Freedom provides full driving autonomy to those with reduced arm function and strength. Combining power assisted brake and accelerator functions in one unit, pushing forward for brake and backwards for accelerator. Braking can be applied with as little as 100grams of pressure.


Hydraulic power assisted braking makes the Freedom unique. Brake application can be adjusted precisely to the users needs by the turn of a screw. Not only a functional solution but an extremely safe means of providing additional brake force. The braking aspect of the Freedom consists of a mini hydraulic unit, hydraulic distributor, cylinder actuator and safety control unit.


Acceleration is achieved by lightly pulling back on the lever with spring load adjustment. This actuates a potentiometer and dedicated ECU that interfaces with the vehicles original electronic system, commonly known as ‘fly-by-wire’. The dedicated software enables individual programming to suit both driver and vehicle characteristics. This translates to a smooth progressive acceleration curve.


Additionally the Freedom can be fitted with buttons in the handle for auxiliary controls, including for example, lights, indicators and horn. Available with several handle options to ensure a correct and comfortable fit. The device can be fitted to the left or right side, console or door. Can be fitted together with the Joystick when steering control is required.


The system does not interfere with the vehicle’s original electronics and can be turned off, enabling others to use the original vehicle controls.

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