Combined Brake/Accelerator


The accelerator and brake combination is offered in several variances to meet the needs of the user. From push-pull and push-radial, to the popular trigger accelerator systems. The Combined Brake and Trigger Accelerator offers a preferred alternative to the push/pull controls. The Long Arm Brake and Radial Accelerator provides a solution for those without dexterity.


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FS2005 combined trigger accelerator and brake lever from Fadiel Italiana

The FS2005 Combined Brake and Trigger Accelerator is built around an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing design that is functional and user friendly. It is operated by pushing the lever for brake, and turning/pulling the trigger for acceleration.

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FSK2005 combined ergonomic trigger accelerator and brake hand controls from Fadiel Italiana

The new FSK2005 Combined Brake & Ergonomic Accelerator from Fadiel Italiana offers a more functional activation of the accelerator for the user. Easily accelerate by pulling the trigger or stalk towards the wheel.

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The Push-Pull Brake and Accelerator is based on the traditional function of the push-pull hand control operated by pushing for brake and pulling for acceleration. Acceleration can be operated mechanically or electronically.

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Long arm Brake and Accelerator level

The Long Arm Brake and Radial Accelerator is specifically designed for the person with quadriplegia and provides a balanced radial acceleration action with minimal fatigue. Braking effort is reduced with the longer lever design.

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