Push-Pull Brake and Accelerator

“A modernised version of an old favourite”


The FS2008 Push-Pull Brake and Accelerator is based on the traditional function of the push-pull hand control operated by pushing for brake and pulling for acceleration. The brake function is operated by mechanical linkage; however, the accelerator can be actuated by mechanical or electronic means.



  • Smooth acceleration with minimal fatigue
  • Brake locking function
  • Changeable end knob for greater customisation
  • Integrated keypad (optional)
  • Easy height and angle adjustment
  • Left- and right-hand versions
  • Knee airbag compatibility
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Colour options: black, carbon, pink, violet, silver, walnut
  • Tested and certified to Australian and NZ standards


The push-pull brake and accelerator – a modernised version of the old mechanical system now has a brake locking feature, in effect working similar to the hand brake. Applying the brake and pressing the button locks the brake and then re-application of the lever releases the brake. Great for stopping at the traffic lights and taking your hand off the brake lever to reduce shoulder fatigue.


The lever is fitted standard with a button for the horn; however, it is also available with incorporated keypad with buttons for lights, indicators and horn. An ergonomic design ensures all buttons are in easy reach of the thumb.


The ball-mounted bracket offers adjustability to the height and angle of the lever, optimising driver position. Left- and right-hand versions available.


The Fadiel Italiana design is aesthetically pleasing and is available in a range of colours, including for example, black satin, carbon fibre, brushed steel, pink, fuchsia, violet.

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