Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps For Cars, Vans and Minibuses

The Fadiel Italiana Movia Ramps use advanced technology to produce light weight aluminium ramps with distinctive features other products on the market cannot match.


Total Ability has a range of other access and stowage solutions including wheelchair lifts for vans, wheelchair hoists and various devices for transferring drivers or passengers to and from a vehicle. We also offer a range of high quality driving controls enabling people with disabilities to drive.

wheelchair ramp

The Movia Wheelchair Ramps manufactured by Fadiel Italiana present a new approach to ramp design previously unseen in the market. The concept revolves around a number of design features focusing on simplicity and lightness.

wheelchair ramp for van

Movia powered ramps from Fadiel Italiana are available in a wide range of two section lengths and widths. They maintain the lightweight design and wing-nut assembly of the manual ramps.