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Manual Wheelchair Ramps

The Movia Access Ramps manufactured by Fadiel Italiana present a new approach to ramp design previously unseen in the market. The concept revolves around a number of design features focusing on simplicity and lightness. The range of Movia Access Ramps are easy to use, reliable, functional and super strong.


Starting with the aluminium construction, drilling reduces weight and pressing and bending of the sheets increases rigidity. This design produces edges to the ramp and a non-slip surface, both important features to ensure safe use.

Movia Access Ramps are free from welding in fabrication and assembly. Aluminium when welded can fatigue over time under heavy load and risk breaking. The Movia design eliminates this risk.


Securing the Ramp to the floor of the vehicle is provided by four wing-nuts. Thanks to the extremely light design, the anchoring points for the ramp platform require minimal structural modifications to the vehicle, avoiding significant floor reinforcement. Once fixation points are fitted, removal and re-installation of the Ramp takes only a few minutes. No tools are required to remove the wing-nuts and the Ramp can be carried by hand. Units weight on average 30-35kgs.


The Movia Access Ramp is also designed to rotate by removing the wing-nuts, rotating the ramp platform and returning the wing-nuts in secondary points. This feature improves rear vision and permits better access to the vehicle. Rotation can be to the left or right.


Movia Access Ramps come fitted with two quick release fasteners to avoid inadvertent opening. The two gas struts and side handles make for smooth effortless opening/closing and side mounted lights provide extra visibility for night use. Features of these Ramps are endless, with the option of automatic operation for opening/closing.


Movia Access Ramps are available with the following specifications:

  • Segmented into 2 or 3 parts
  • Lengths from 1.4m to 3.9m
  • Widths from 58cm to 120cm
  • Swivel base

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