Lowering Swivel Seat Bases

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The Lowering Swivel Seat is the latest addition to the Fadiel range of products, providing the ultimate solution for entry/exit to the motor vehicle. The lowering mechanism is incorporated with the swivel action found in the Swivel Seat Base. The lowering function ensures easy access into a range of vehicle types with the ability to lower the seat 400mm.



  • Lightest on the market – starting at 46kg
  • Lowest profile design – 80mm base profile
  • Rotation – 102°
  • Forward transition – 220mm
  • Lowering of 400/480mm
  • 120-150kg load rated
  • Powered transition/swivel/exit/lowering
  • Open- & closed-door mode
  • Keypad operation (wireless optional)
  • Emergency back-up operation
  • Programmable movements
  • Foot plate (optional)
  • Crash tested to comply with European and Australian standards


All controls associated with the Lowering Swivel Seat are controlled electronically from a keypad. This can be performed from a wireless control and can also be programmed so the swivelling and lowering are controlled in one smooth motion with the press of just one button.


Available in left and right versions. Important to note – most of the time this lowering swivel seat base is not compatible for fitment on the driver side due to limited space available for turning and clearing the steering wheel.


Built from a combination of high-grade aluminium and steel, the lowering turning seats are extremely strong and rigid and have been tested and certified to European crash test standards.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Lowering Swivel Seat Base demonstrates investment in innovative skill and build quality.

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