Wheelchair Hoists

 Wheelchair Hoists

The range of hoists from SMDM offer a solution for lifting and stowing a scooter or power wheelchair into a van or car. From the simple and versatile SG35 and SG50 units to the fully automated SG120 and SG180 for those heavy power chairs and scooters.

The SG35 is designed to be lateral mounted to assist those wanting to store a wheelchair directly from behind the driver or passenger seat.

The SG50 Hoist features electronic lift and manual rotation and have the added benefit of being foldable, therefore suitable for vehicles with hatchbacks.

The SG120 Hoist offers 4-way power function and is ideal where the vehicle has restricted interior room and a heavy scooter or wheelchair needs stowage.

The SG180 Hoists feature 6-way operation and allow the scooter or wheelchair to be moved away from the tailgate thanks to the telescopic arm and rated to 180kgs.