SG35 Hoist

“Just stow and go…keep moving on your own!”


The SG35 Hoist manufactured by SMDM is designed to be lateral mounted to assist those wanting to store a wheelchair directly from the driver or passenger seat when the vehicle offers a 2nd row sliding door. It is also suitable for stowage of a wheelchair in the rear of the vehicle.



  • Electronic lifting/lowering mechanism load rated to 35kg
  • Lateral mounted for stowing a wheelchair directly from behind the driver or passenger seat
  • Manual rotation by articulated joint and swivelling base
  • Adjustable height
  • Keypad operation – optional
  • Compact design and quick removal


The SG35 Hoist features electronic lifting/lowering and manual rotation from the two points of pivot. Lifting is actuated by buttons located on the Hoist, alternatively a remote keypad can be fitted.


The SG35 Hoist is rated to 35kgs and is easily installed with the adjustable angle fixing bracket. An affordable solution for lightweight personal mobility equipment to retain independence with minimal effort.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the SMDM SG50 Hoist showcases practicality, innovation and quality design.

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