Product Review: SG50 Hoist

SG50 Hoist from Fadiel lifting a red scooter into the boot of a hatchback car

Let’s review our product! The SG50 Hoist is for your freedom and independence. It is an ideal product to keep you out and about.

“The SG50 Hoist for your freedom and independence!”


For people with disability and our ageing population the desire to stay independent for as long as possible is vital. The freedom to have access and control is so important, for independence and the ability to participate in the community.

Made from quality materials combined with a compact design, the SG50 is easily fitted in numerous types of vehicles including hatchbacks. The arm can fold down in the boot for easy storage. It is a quality product from SMDM, the SG50 solves your lifting problem.

“Get that scooter in with little effort”


It takes the hassle out of needing to have someone with you when you go out. If you do need someone with you, it also takes the guilt factor away. They no longer need to exert themselves when lifting the wheelchair or scooter in and out of the car.

The SG50 has great features that cater to a wide variety of capabilities. Its simple design is easy to operate. The SG50 has an electric lifting and lowering mechanism which makes the task a no brainer. The manual swing of the arm gets the personal mobility equipment into and out of the car in an easy smooth motion.

Technical Info

Maximum capacity: 50 Kg
Power: 12V
Max height: 1080 (adj. 380) mm
ARM extension: 875 (adj. 640) mm
Rotation angle: 180°

What You Need To Know

Here at Total Ability we are realistic, we recognise that not all products suit everyone so here are some things you need to know.


Compact design
Easy to use
Quality manufacture


Some strength/balance needed to manoeuvre manual arm
2-way electronic operation not 4-way
Not guaranteed for all hatchbacks
Max 50KG load rating

It’s important to find the right product for your capabilities and type of car, so if this is not the right one for you, we have a few others that might hit the spot. At the end of the day, keeping you free and mobile is our priority.

See also the SG35, SG120 and SG180 hoists.

Contact your nearest installer to get a quote.

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