Product Overview: Fadiel Satellite accelerator (driving hand controls)

Product Overview: Fadiel Satellite accelerator (driving hand controls)

There are a range of fantastic driving products available from the Total Ability catalogue that will enhance your driving experience… we’ll be taking a quick look at some and presenting them as short videos to help you understand how they could benefit you.


Total Ability now has a YouTube channel to showcase some of the products in the range. You’ll also be able to find a few stories highlighting how people have put these driving controls to good use.

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Watch our video on the Satellite Accelerator, click the link below.


This is one of Total Ability’s more popular products. It allows the driver to manage two-handed steering while also accelerating, ensuring maximum control of the vehicle without the need for any electronic wires or cabling.

Find out more about the Fadiel Satellite Accelerator, click here.

The wireless satellite accelerator fits comfortably onto the driver’s hand and can be managed to be either left- or right-specific.


Lightweight, ergonomic and effective, there are many highlights to the wireless satellite accelerator.


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