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Age of vehicle for NDIS funding of hand control installations

In the past, many NDIS participants seeking to have funding approval for hand control installations in their vehicle have been advised that the vehicle cannot be more than three years old and under 45,000kms.

In recent times, it appears this ruling has been relaxed slightly:

“Vehicles aged less than three, under 45,000kms, are generally considered suitable to modify. However, older vehicles and those with higher mileage may still be considered. In these cases, evidence of road worthiness and the expected lifespan of the vehicle must be provided.”

We are now seeing vehicles older than 3 years and with more than 45,000kms being approved for vehicle modifications, however there is the need to provide justification through supporting documentation. This may be in the form of a road-worthy certificate or notes in the report provided by the Occupational Therapist.

When modifications can be removed and re-installed into a new vehicle then there may also be grounds for seeking funding approval through the NDIS where the vehicle is older than three years and has more than 45,000kms.

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