DTOT – Two of our most popular combined brake/accelerator options

For many of our clients, a combined brake/accelerator format is the preferred solution. It’s a hand control option that’s in place in many of the vehicles we have set up for our network of specialist Driving Instructors, and it’s one that many Driver-trained Occupational Therapists are very familiar.

For clients who have historically used push/pat or push/pull controls, when the time comes to upgrade from an old-school ‘mechanical’ solution to one that links in with the electronic systems in the vehicle, a combined brake and accelerator unit like the FS2005 Combined Brake/Accelerator, or the FSK2005 with the more ergonomic, articulated accelerator trigger, are both solid options to consider.

For other clients who are looking to drive with hand controls for the first time, if the Satellite Accelerator is not the right solution, the FS/FSK options come into their own.

FS2005 – 15 years strong & still in demand

Fadiel FSK2005The FS2005 Combined Brake/Accelerator has been the principal ‘go-to’ solution for a traditional style brake-accelerator combination from Fadiel for the last 15 years. It is the most common solution we see for those with reasonable arm function and finger dexterity.

The FS2005 unit consists of a trigger and a vertical fixed post, allowing activation of the accelerator with the index finger, or with the little finger on the post. It is compact and easy to use.

How does the FS/FSK compare to other available options?

With more than ten FS & FSK units being installed in Australia each month, this device has proven to be a very popular option with clients.

We have compiled a list below to help our readers understand, at a deeper level, the connection between product design, manufacturing expertise and the functional operation of these devices.

Benefits of the FS/FSK from a function & fatigue management standpoint:
    1. The superior design of the FS/FSK lever means the ‘active’ hand and arm is supported at the end of the brake lever. In addition, the use of the last two fingers on the accelerator post can allow the driver to place both hands on the steering wheel with shoulders level.
    2. The length of the FS/FSK offers better braking force with less effort from the driver. Many of the alternative brake levers are more than 50mm shorter, sometimes more. The increased length of the FS/FSK lever greatly reduces the amount of effort required by the client when applying the brake. ie. 5kg applied to the longer FS/FSK brake lever will deliver 24% more force at the brake rod than an older style lever that is 60mm shorter.
    3. The FS/FSK has a brake lock function which is very quickly and easily engaged. The primary benefit of this is that when sitting at a red light or otherwise stopped while driving, the client can lock the brakes on with the press of one button. The brakes are released by simply pressing the brake lever itself. This function dramatically reduces fatigue while driving, allowing the client to relax their arms and shoulders while stopped in traffic.
    4. The FS/FSK unit has the option to program auxiliary vehicle functions onto an ergonomically positioned keypad on the brake lever. These buttons are well positioned for easy access while driving.
Benefits of the FS/FSK from a safety standpoint:
    1. The format of the FS/FSK allows for precise and consistent actuation of the accelerator trigger, in a wider range of driving situations. For example, it much easier to unintentionally and dangerously accelerate when driving with other mechanisms where the hand is constantly placed on a handle. This is most evident when the vehicle hits a pothole, a speed bump or an otherwise uneven driving surface.
Benefits of the FS/FSK from a product quality and longevity standpoint:
    1. FS/FSK 2005 Assembly with Torrington Bearings

      FS/FSK 2005 Assembly with Torrington Bearings

      From the installations we have had an opportunity to analyse in our facility, most of the alternatives available do not have Torrington Bearings built into the mechanism itself. In some cases these bearings have been added later over the top on installation in a client vehicle, seemingly as an afterthought. This has lead to uncontrolled grinding and wearing of the brake lever which deteriorates over time. In the case of the FS/FSK design, Torrington bearings are built into the unit itself on both the lower and upper side of the unit. This will offer many more years of smooth, trouble-free use.

    2. Our installations of the FS/FSK use a Floating Brake Rod design, which means that the brake lever does not jump around when the vehicle is being driven by someone not using the hand controls.

FSK2005 – Strong fabrication, improved ergonomics

The FSK2005 Combined Brake and Ergonomic Trigger Accelerator is the new variant of the FS2005 and Fabio Domeneghini, (owner of Fadiel and passionate inventor), involved us in the final ergonomic design.

Manufactured from aluminium, the trigger is larger and more ergonomic for activation with the index finger. The stalk is angle adjustable and articulates, so can be pulled back towards the steering wheel and also out to the side, (ie. away from the steering column).

For further information please contact your local Total Ability installer or call or email Total Ability on 1300 858 410 or info@totalability.com.au


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