Fadiel vs Carobrake: Electronic Brake Comparison

Image of car gear stick with Fadiel Hand Brake buttons, red and black, to the right

Fadiel vs Carobrake: Electronic Brake Comparison. When comparing electronic hand brake products, it is important to note that overall function may look similar, however there are some distinct differences relating to aesthetics, installation and operation. Here we have compiled a short list of product features and how the Fadiel and Carobrake products compare.

Fadiel vs Carobrake: Electronic Brake Comparison

Fadiel hand brake buttons

Fadiel Electronic Hand Brake Buttons

Carobrake 700 Button





Fadiel – Hand Brake AFS2006
BraunAbility – Carobrake 700
On/Off Button
  • The Fadiel button is a bit larger and not as easy to find a discreet location to place on dash.
  • Red light indication for ON
  • Green light indication for OFF
  • Small
  • The switch is small and can be installed discreetly on the dash.
  • Red light indication for ON
Product components
  • Compact cylinder making it easy to fit for installation (Length: 335mm, Width: 50mm, Height: 65mm).
  • Compact cylinder making it easy to fit for installation (Length: 360mm, Width: 40mm, Height: 40mm).
  • Easy amperage adjustment to control pre-load
  • Efficient drive motor only requires 5 amp to operate at maximum load
  • No amperage adjustment
  • 30 amp operation
Cable Adjustment
  • Cable not crimped allowing for customised adjustment
  • Set cable length. Cable is pre-crimped
Build Quality
  • Stainless steel waterproof casing
  • Stainless steel waterproof casing
Brake Pull
  • Adjustable pre-load thanks to easily changed dipswitch settings – 1.5amp to 5amp.
  • Fine tuning of pre-load is assured over time without need for adjustment.
  • The is no option for pull adjustment.
  • 2 models available – 1600N or 2200N.
  • The 1600N pulls the handbrake with a force of up to 170 kg. It has been able to bend the cable adjuster in some vehicles.
Wiring setup
  • New option available in wiring configuration to eliminate operation when out of Park.
  • No option to stop handbrake operation, eliminate or control operation when in or out of gear.


When sourcing an electronic hand brake, be informed with all aspects of the product to ensure you have a quality product that meets your needs and gives you longevity and function.

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