SG50 vs Carolift 40: Scooter Hoist Comparison

SG50 hoist with red scooter in boot of van

When choosing light duty wheelchair/scooter hoists it is worthwhile comparing two popular units on the market, the SG50 from Fadiel Italiana and the Carolift 40 from BraunAbility.

SG50 vs Carolift 40: Scooter Hoist Comparison

These lifting units have similarities, but there are also some distinct differences that should be considered during the scripting and buying decision. Here we have compiled a list of product features and how each of the products compare.

Image of SG50 scooter/wheelchair hoist on white background    Braunability Caro40 scooter hoist on white background

SG50                                                                                         Carolift 40

Feature SG50 – Fadiel Italiana Carolift 40 – BraunAbility
Max Lifting Capacity Load rated to 50kg Load rated to 40kg
Design Compact Compact
Unit Weight Total: 17kg

Arm: 6.5kg

Pedestal: 4.5kg

Base 6kg

Total: 11Kg
Power Supply 12V – 10Amp 12V – 15Amp
Max Height 1000 mm 875 mm
Min Height 735 mm 655 mm
Arm Extension 875 mm 795 mm
Rotation Angle 360o 360 o
Length of Strap 1260mm 1380mm
Limit Switches Controlling Strap Microswitch fitted to stop up travel limit of strap. Read sensor to stop down limit travel of strap Not fitted
Fitting Floor mounted Floor mounted
Rotating Arm Manual rotating arm with gusset for additional strength Manual rotating arm
Swivel Strap Bracket Included Not included
Up/Down Operation Simple up/down button operation

Additional 2-way switch for operating up/down located in easy reach of user

Simple up/down button operation

No additional up/down operation available

Fold Down Function Easy fold down function  when scooter is stowed

Quality fold-down mechanism – solid and smooth operation

Hoist arm detachable from base

Easy fold down function when scooter is stowed

Lighter fold down action

Hoist arm detachable from base

Making your choice

When choosing a wheelchair hoist ensure you consider the functionality and quality of the product. Meeting your needs and having a product that has the longevity to last is paramount. A product comparison on scooter hoists enables an informed decision and a happy outcome for the user.

Installer Feedback

Hear what our installers think of the SG50:

“SG50 – simple, bulletproof and problem free” – QLD installer

“The SG50 – strong and dependable with the gusseted arm, along with simple operation thanks to the strap limit switches” – NSW installer

“No other option to look at when considering a light lifting floor mounted scooter hoist that is quality and easy to operate – that’s the SG50 hoist” – WA installer

“The SG50 hoist is reliable, well built, straightforward to install, and easy to operate” – TAS installer


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