Driving controls for your independence

Our wide range of driving aids ensures the needs of all drivers can be paired with an appropriate product, maximising driver safety and competency.  The range includes electronic accelerators and brake levers, easily detachable left foot accelerators, and a high level range of equipment options including voice command, joystick and mini-wheel steering.


As well as a range of high quality driving controls, Total Ability also supplies access and stowage solutions including wheelchair lifts for vans, wheelchair hoists, wheelchair ramps and devices for transferring drivers or passengers to and from a vehicle.

Driving Controls for disabled drivers

Acceleration is now performed electronically and provides safe and responsive acceleration. Greater driver competency is demonstrated, particularly with the satellite accelerator offering the ultimate driving experience.

break leaver

Braking can be performed mechanically from an ergonomically mounted left or right side lever. A range of brake lever options are available to meet the needs of users ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

The accelerator and brake combination is offered in several variances to meet the needs of the user. From push-pull and push-radial, to the popular trigger accelerator systems.

Spinner knobs and handles are available in a range of options and fitted to the steering wheel with the highest quality and smallest bracket on the market.

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The Left Foot Accelerator is suitable for those requiring acceleration with the left foot. Quick release function makes getting the unit on and off easy.

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The Electronic Hand Brake from Fadiel is easily activated with the press of a button and offers load sensor technology to ensure the correct strain is always applied.

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picture of freedom accelerator/brake system in total ability van

For people with quadriplegia/tetraplegia requiring the most advanced driving systems including voice command, mini-wheel steering, joystick steering, and power assist braking.

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The Voice Command system developed by Fadiel brings the latest assistive technology to the automotive industry with voice prompts activating auxiliary controls of the vehicle.

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man wearing a postural harness whilst seated in a car seat

The postural support harness provides stability for those who don’t have core stability to hold themselves when cornering or braking and is suitable for drivers with paraplegia and quadriplegia.

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