Long Arm Brake and Accelerator Push-Radial

Long Arm Brake and Accelerator Push-Radial

The Long Arm Brake and Accelerator combines the two functions in one device.  Based on the aesthetically pleasing Brake Lever, with the addition of the CL002/B handle featuring built-in accelerator.


Braking is achieved by pushing the lever away from the body in the direction of the pedal with the long arm providing greater leverage. Approximately one third less effort is required compared to a standard brake lever. Acceleration is activated by tilting the lever down (radial style) or pulling towards the body (push-pull style).


Features include brake locking function, acceleration lock (similar to a cruise control), horn and other desired auxiliary functions. Accelerator and brake lock functions cancel by re-applying the brake.


Available in left and right hand versions. Colour options include,for example, black satin, carbon fibre, brushed steel, pink, fuchsia, violet.


The ball-mounted bracket offers adjustability to the height and angle of the lever, optimising driver position.


Suitable for installation in most vehicles fitted with knee airbags.


Not suitable for all vehicles given the inherent nature of the longer arm and need for additional room to the side of the steering wheel.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Long Arm Brake & Accelerator highlights another well designed product.

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